About Vintage Marché

The Collective

Owner Paul Donofrio received the keys to an empty warehouse on December 15, 2019. With just a few weeks to go until Grand Opening, all of the vendors formed task groups and completely rebuilt the market so it was ready for the doors to open for the Grand Opening January 4 & 5. “We all wanted to stay together. It was a collective effort and all of the vendor “BEES” are responsible for the successful build out of our new market.”  The front of the building features a striking graphic mural designed and painted by Amy & Taylor Williams who are vendors at the market. This market belongs to our community and we are proud to welcome all of our new customers!


Our BeeVintage Marche Bee

Vintage Marché has adopted the Bee as its symbol and is prominently used in the logo and brand elements. The bee has been a symbol of immortality and resurrection from Ancient Egypt, and in Napoleon’s time as a symbol of industriousness and prestige. It can be found in Renaissance paintings as a symbol of love and is a modern-day symbol representing community. The Vintage Marché Bee symbolizes a collective of like-minded people coming together to resurrect and love all things vintage.