It’s In the Way that We Re-Use It!

What’s behind the bustle of activity it takes to put on each monthly market? A lot more than you’d think! 

Vintage Marche’s behind the scenes antics have been perfectly described in the article “Step Behind the Scenes of Vintage Marche, St. Petersburg’s Antique Oasis”. Calise spent hours inside the market, following vendor “bees” out on picks and learning some of the secrets of the trade from Owner Paul Donofrio. She paints a picture of how thousands of secondhand treasures find their new homes after the bees clean, paint, dust off and perfectly arrange them all over the market’s floors, walls and ceilings!

All of us at the market enjoyed showing Gabrielle a few of the tricks of the vintage trade and how our entire hive of bees work tirelessly to make each monthly market unfold. The reward for all of us is seeing those picks go out the door with our loyal and happy customers. She did let one secret out, however….where we are moving to for our September market,” stated Donofrio.

Who Let The Secret Out????? – The Tampa Bay Times Did!!

Today’s article lead with “The secondhand wonderland is moving to a new location in September….” And so, now you know!

We are excited about our new Skyway Marina District location and hope you’ll stay tuned for more details after the August market.

We’re on the move…..Read the Article Here