Sneak Peek Preview

Sneak Peek Preview

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Sneak Peek Preview is a live online event hosted the Wednesday before the market weekend. Join Paul, Henry and Lilly as they tour the market featuring the greatest new treasures our vendors have brought to the market.
7:00pm on Facebook Live and 7:30pm on Instagram.
Have questions about something you see? Type it into the live chat and we will respond! (No prices revealed until the market begins of course)


important notice

To facilitate speedy check-ins at the First Dibs Friday event, we have made a small change regarding multi-ticket purchases.

Orders with more than one ticket will now receive all tickets in a single email, sent to the purchaser. Ideally, this prevents you from having to flip through multiple emails at check-in.

Please ensure that you have a unique barcode for each ticket that you purchased and have them ready to present at the event. 

See you there!