Vintagé Marche’s 3 Week Grand Opening Miracle


Owner Paul Donofrio received the keys to an empty warehouse on December 15, 2019. With just a few weeks to go until Grand Opening, all of the vendors combined their talents and formed task groups to completely rebuild the market so it was ready for the doors to open for the Grand Opening January 4 & 5. The vendors sacrificed family time over the holidays to make the new Vintage Marche a reality.

A calculation was done to determine how many hours all stakeholders put into the market’s transition.  We estimated that a total of 5,000 total hours were put into the planning and build-out.  Of that total, the actual time to pull off the miracle between December 16th and January 4th was 2,000 hours…an astounding effort by everyone involved. New walls, lighting, lots of paint, trips to the home supply store, late nights and lots of pizza and coffee made our community’s new market a realty.

“We all wanted to stay together. It was a collective effort and all of the vendor “BEES” are responsible for the successful build out of our new market and I am truly grateful for their dedication to the effort,” stated Vintage Marche owner Paul Donofrio. 

Donofrio also plugged in a robust marketing effort with a branding scheme centered around the bee, the market’s icon. The front of the building features a striking graphic mural designed and painted by Amy & Taylor Williams who are vendors at the market.

Vintage Marche continues a long tradition of being Tampa Bay’s destination of all things vintage! Come see us the first weekend of each month, it’s an event like no other!  The market belongs to our community and we are proud to welcome our loyal customers!