Is Vintage Marché an antiques mall?

Although we have over 40 vendors, we pride ourselves on presenting a vastly better experience than a traditional antiques mall. Instead of unorganized piles of vintage goods covered by years of dust, our entire market is torn down, restocked and restaged monthly! You will find something new every time you visit!
Our goal is to present a unique, clean, organized, friendly and fun atmosphere that you will enjoy coming back to month after month. 

How long should I plan for my visit?

We would recommend a minimum of 3 hours to take in everything we have to offer. It’s amazing how much we are able to squeeze into 15,000 sq ft. Be sure to look up, around and in, there are vintage surprises everywhere!
It’s not unusual for guests to come for all 3 days, as we are always bringing out new items! You never know when your perfect treasure will be put out on the floor!

What is First Dibs Friday?

First Dibs Friday is a special ticketed event held the Friday before the market officially opens for the weekend.
It is the first opportunity to purchase the latest and greatest treasures that our vendors have prepared for the month and is very popular with our most hardcore collectors and vintage enthusiasts.
Presale tickets are limited and available on our website for purchase and typically sell out, so act fast!
Day of show tickets may also be purchased at the door for $10 depending on availability.

What is the Sneak Peek Preview?

Sneak Peek Preview is a live online event hosted the Wednesday before the market weekend. Join Paul, Henry and Lilly as they tour the market featuring the greatest new treasures our vendors have brought to the market.
7:00pm on Facebook Live and 7:30pm on Instagram.
Have questions about something you see? Type it into the live chat and we will respond! (No prices revealed until the market begins of course)

Why are you only open once a month?

Our vendor ‘bees’ work all month long lovingly searching for treasures, cleaning, refinishing , restoring and stocking their spaces to prepare for each market. As much as we would love to be open more, we believe that this approach makes our monthly market a unique and special experience that you won’t find anywhere else! Occasionally we do have special mid-month events. Subscribe to our email newsletter to stay informed about the latest happenings!

What if I buy something large and can't fit it in my car?

No problem! We are happy to hold your items in our back storage until you are ready to pick them up. Pick up anytime that same weekend or during pick-up hours on the Wednesday following market. Alternatively, we have partnered with a third-party delivery service that can bring your items to you for a very reasonable rate. 

Why don't you have shopping baskets?

We have found that shopping carts and baskets take up a lot of space and diminishes the shopping experience for everyone. Instead, we have worker ‘bees’ strategically located throughout your market who will happily take your small items and hold them in our front area until you are ready to check out. This leaves your hands free to browse unencumbered. Larger items will be left on the floor and marked as sold so you don’t have to worry about someone taking your prized find. Change your mind about something? No problem, just let us know at checkout and we will return items to the floor for you. 

Can I haggle on prices?

Unfortunately no, we don’t negotiate on prices. We work as a collective and therefore not all of our vendors are onsite at the same time during our market weekends to negotiate with. 
Instead, we seek to provide competitive prices that reflect current market values, rarity, condition and the amount of restoration required to make an item market ready.

Can I purchase an item I saw online over the phone?

Unfortunately, we don’t release prices or sell items to the public until the start of the First Dibs Friday event.
We believe this helps maintain integrity and provide a fair opportunity for all of our customers.
Once the market has started, you may certainly call to hold items over the phone with a valid credit card.

Do you offer any special programs for industry professionals?

Yes! Vintage Marché has long been a favorite resource for interior decorators, real estate agents, photographers and other professionals.
Contact us to inquire about private shopping or rental rates for staging. 

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Vintage Marché has always been welcome to well-behaved, well-mannered pets.
Our mascots, Lilly and Henry, love to meet new friends and we have water bowls available if your four-legged companion gets thirsty.
In addition, we often partner with PetPal charities to help provide much needed services for our less fortunate fur babies.

Do you buy or consign antiques?

If you have some items that you are interested in selling to our vendors, send us an email at info@vintagemarche727.com and we will share it with our vendors. Please keep in mind that to keep the market operating and our prices low we only buy at wholesale prices. Please be sure to include photos and all relevant information (dimensions, manufacturer, estimated age, etc)

What is considered vintage?

For our purposes, we ask our bees to only stock items that are 25 years or older. We aren’t always perfect, sometimes it is difficult to tell when there are no identifying markings or an item had a long production run. We don’t want to dilute quality of the market with ‘retro’ goods or recent reproductions like some other stores. Our sign says vintage and that’s what we try to deliver. If you have questions about an item please bring it to our attention and we will happily investigate.